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Sometime in the not-too-distant future, a deadly virus is once again sweeping the globe, infecting everyone in its path and killing off almost all the human race. But that’s just the start.

To the horror of the survivors, the dead have begun rising from the grave, hell-bent on feeding on the living and wiping out mankind for good. But, just as it seems all is lost, a small pocket of survivors emerges, determined to take back the world from the undead.

You are one of these survivors. Armed to the teeth and totally outnumbered, you’re the last hope of discovering a cure for the virus and saving humanity. Just remember to lock, load, and aim for the brain!

Key Features

•Global Zombie Infection Status Map:
Track your zombie kills with the daily online world map aggregating the scores of players from all around the globe.

•Highly Advanced Zombie A.I.:
The 'smartest' zombies you’ve ever encountered. These zombies lurk in the shadows and perform surprise attacks, drop down from higher surroundings right on top of you, and will stop at nothing to get you.

•Zombie Body Piles:
The most on-screen zombies in a video game to date. If you spot one wandering zombie, it’s likely that 30 or more zombies are sure to follow.

Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS3™ system and “PS Vita” system versions!



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